Conditions of sale, payment and delivery

1.     Provider and contractual partner

Your contractual partner for all orders on our website is


5 O. P. Fingesi Street, Utako District

F.C.T Abuja

E-mail: contact@gapaautoparts.com

Website: www.gapaautoparts.com

Company Number: +234 708 888 5242

2.     Scope and subject matter of the contract


a.     The following general terms and conditions (“GTC”) apply to account registration and all purchases of goods by the customer (“you”) via the online shop (www.gapaautoparts.com), gapanaija mobile application and in-store.


b.     These terms and conditions exclusively regulate the contractual relationship between you and us. Your terms and conditions will not become part of the contract even if we do not expressly contradict their inclusion.

c.      The general terms and conditions are available at any time at www.gapaautoparts.com and be printed out or downloaded.


3.     Account Registration & Eligibility

a.     Account registration is required for purchases from the online shop and mobile application. This can be done as part of ordering process, but also independently of an order. Once you have registered, an account will be created for you that you can independently manage your customer data, such as delivery address etc.


b.     Registration is not limited to individuals and cooperate bodies.


c.      When registering your account on GAPA NAIJA website or mobile application, you have to provide your names (first name and surname), your telephone number and your e-mail address and choose a password (hereinafter referred to as "access data").

d.     Accessing, browsing or otherwise submitting an account registration on the site indicates your agreement to all the terms and conditions in this agreement, so please read this agreement carefully before proceeding.

e.     After submitting the completed registration form, our support team will send you a welcome e-mail containing your verification token to enable us complete an e-mail verification process and account registration.


f.      You are responsible for ensuring that the information you provide us when registering is true and complete. If you provide incorrect or incomplete information, we are entitled to terminate and delete your account without notice. If an incomplete or incorrect information has been submitted, you can choose to notify us immediately for assistance.


g.     An account can be terminated in accordance with Nigerian Data Protection Regulations. Your personal data will then be deleted immediately, unless we are allowed or required to continue to store them due to legal regulations. Further details can be found in our Privacy declaration.


h.     You are under no circumstances required to transfer your access data and your access password to third parties. Should third parties nevertheless gain access to your account or you have other indications of misuse of your account, you must inform us immediately and change your access data.


i.       There is no entitlement to registration and participation in our online shop or mobile application. You are not authorized to register more than one account on GAPA NAIJA website or mobile application platforms.


j.       The use of the GAPA NAIJA shopping platforms is available only to persons who can form legally binding contracts under Nigerian governing laws. In case you are a minor i.e. under the age of 18 years, you shall not register as a customer on GAPA NAIJA and shall not transact or use our shopping platforms. As a minor if you wish to use or transact on GAPA NAIJA shopping platforms, such use or transaction may be made by your legal guardian or parent who are registered users on GAPA NAIJA. We reserve the right to terminate your membership and refuse to provide you access or any service available on our platforms, if It is brought to our notice or if it is discovered that you are under the age of 18 years.


4. Conclusion of a sales contract

a.     The conclusion of a transaction for the purchase of a product takes place as follows:


                        I.         In order to initiate the ordering process, you must first place the desired product in the shopping cart by clicking the “ADD TO CART” button.


                       II.         The entire content of your order will be displayed in the CART at the top right hand of your screen. Before placing an order for the content in the shopping cart, you can view or change your order accordingly. Your orders will be saved by us after the conclusion of the transaction, but you will no longer be able to access them or make changes after the order process has been completed. Please check your order carefully before clicking the "Buy Now" button.



                      III.         Changes to an order are possible before it leaves our warehouse or picked up for shipping. Your statutory warranty rights and the right of withdrawal are not affected.


5. Payment

a.     When confirming your order a pop-up of the total cost of items purchased will be shown on your screen for your review, confirmation or cancellation.         

b.     For payment processing, you will be re-directed to a third-party payment provider, where you will choose your payment option and complete payment/transaction accordingly.

c.      Once we receive a confirmation of your payment, we will send you a receipt confirming your order and shipping detail by e-mail.

d.     While using any of the payment method(s) offered at GAPA NAIJA, we will not be responsible or   assume any liability, whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly to you due to:

    1. Lack of authorization for any transaction(s), or
    2. Exceeding the preset limit mutually agreed by you and between your "Bank(s)", or
    3. Any payment issues arising out of the transaction, or
    4. Decline of transaction for any other reason/s.



         6. Return Policy

a.     All items or goods ordered are thoroughly inspected before shipment to ensure quality of goods are certified.

b.     Please ensure are ordering the right product.

c.      If there is any defect(s)/damage on returned part(s), customer will be notified and no refund of the payment will be issued.


7. Termination of Service

a.     GAPA NAIJA reserves the absolute right to modify, discontinue, temporarily or permanently, any and all portion of our goods and services with or without prior communications. You hereby consent that gapaautoparts.com will under no circumstance be liable to you or any third party for any modification or discontinuance of availability of goods or services on the website.

8. Cancellation of order

a.     GAPA NAIJA reserves the right to cancel any order without any explanation or reasons provided, if in any situation GAPA NAIJA is not able to meet the requirement of the order placed or order so placed/cancelled or the order does not comply with the our policy. However, we will ensure that any reason for cancellation of an order is communicated within appropriate time to the concerned person and any applicable refund, will be made in reasonable time.

 9. Product Description

b.     GAPA NAIJA presents all products and product descriptions on our platforms as accurate as possible. However, if a product offered on GAPA NAIJA is not as described, you should contact our support team immediately. Otherwise the product should be returned in unused condition.

c.      Product information/description/availability is clearly displayed on the product page of the website.

d.     You should ensure the description matches the product you intend to purchase. You can also contact our dedicated support team for support before you make a purchase. We will not be responsible for any liability resulting from mismatched product.

10. Risk of loss

a.     All items purchased from GAPA NAIJA are made pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the Risk of Loss shall remain with GAPA NAIJA until the item is transferred to you. In the event that the items are damaged after receipt, the risk falls on the customer.

11. Copyright complaint

a.     We at GAPA NAIJA respect the intellectual property of others. In case you feel that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement you can send an e-mail to our support team.

12. Trademark, Copyright and Restriction

a.     This site is controlled and operated by Georgie Auto Parts & Accessories Ltd (GAPA NAIJA). All material on this site are protected by copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights that are owned and controlled by us or by other parties that have licensed their material to us.